The Lesson

The Lesson | La Leçon | Το Μάθημα
2016 / Duration: 10 mins

“The Lesson” represented Athens School of Fine Arts at the international performance festival: «”Excentricités VII: Cris, Voix, Vociférations» which took place in the “Institut Supérieur des Beaux-Arts de Besançon in France (2016). The concept as well as the direction of the performance was a result of my cooperation with my colleague Antonis Maros. Using the national motto of France “Liberté, égalité, fraternité” translated in all languages of the European Union, we presented a  performance of ten minutes duration, with the following plot: In a teaching class, a strange lesson takes place between two men. The professor (Antonios Maros) says the french phrase in 25 languages and the student (Asimakis Alexiou) tries to learn it and repeats it. However, gradually, as the student obtains autonomy and manages to say correctly his lesson, the teacher starts to choke him, by feeding him bread. This metaphorical gagging is connected with the actual purpose of the lesson. In other words the teacher is not trying to help the student understand the real meaning of the french phrase but to create someone who can easily obey orders, unable to claim his basic rights. “The Lesson” is a critical reference to the authoritarian control systems as well as the concealed tactics of the contemporary international political scene.