One Night

One Night | Μια Νυχτα​
Plastic Theater Team - National Theater of Greece, May 2015, Duration: 50 mins

“One Night” is a performance based on the theatrical play “Night Just before the forests” of Bernard Marie Koltes. It was presented in the National Theater of Greece and its duration was fifty minutes. Its aim was to combine theater with visual art. I worked there as a performer. The monologue of the play was distributed to four performers. Excerpts of poems by Yves Bonnefoy, Blaise Cendrars and Joyce Mansour were embodied in the play. The conversation and the action of the actors were carried out with the help of a video-installation, which made up the scenery at the same time. The play presents lonely and alienated heroes wandering in a digital visual scenery similar to the immaterial virtual reality which is experienced by modern people. A concise summary of “One Night” is: Night has fallen quickly in town. One man is looking desperately for a room. Rain falls onto strangers’ faces and distorts them. In this town, streetlights look like strange birds. A girl falls in love under a bridge while a mysterious voice fills up everything…