Notebook Punishment

Notebook Punishment
2014, Blood-ink on paper (Blood which was converted to ink through technical process (peroxide of iron),
Written a hundred times the phrase "I will not speak again in the classroom" in a notebook

Punishment Notebook

Writing and reading are necessary equipment for each child but poor education and school discipline measures which are imposed,
often make them repulsive.In many countries, the  educational system results in children dropping out of school.

“What defines man is speech”*

The repetitive nature of punishment is deeply engraved in us. 
While writing with my blood, the price of the word and repetitive process becomes me, myself.
A crime is committed, in which I take part myself, a suicidal tendency. The punisher forces me to do it with my own hand to avoid responsibility. 
The “punishment notebook” is a figurative framework about how we give our own blood, how we emasculate ourselves,
how each person is self-punished. In essence, It visualizes what everyone does to themselves without actually realizing it.

*Jacques Lacan (1901-1981, French psychologist-psychiatrist)