Haptic Vision

Haptic Vision | Απτική Όραση
Photos from the performance/ May 2014

In the spirit of collaboration between Athens School of Fine Arts and Institut Superieur des Beaux Arts de Besancon, I coordinated a group performance which took place in the Theatre of Athens School of Fine Arts. Seven students of the Department of Visual Arts and two children participated in the performance.
We based our work on improvisation trying to explore the world through a haptic language.
Men and women, adults and children with closed eyes appear as a microcosm which is inescapably located within the boundaries of our bodies.
Each one of the performers exists to the extent that the artificial blindness obstructs the “distant” touch of the vision in favor of the actual touch.
The array of bodies moves along a threatening queue, following a line of benches which forms an elevated stand.
Therefore, each person feels threatened by a potential fall, so the presence of the others becomes more and more necessary for each one’s survival.
A life course, during which the body produces perpetually contrasting pairs, literally and metaphorically: it walks and stops, talks and silences,
balances and oscillates, trusts and doubts, flirts and rejects. The aim is to identify and know ourselves and the others, through a “haptic vision”.